360 ° devices for disinfection, monitoring and sanitization



DUAL O3 is a CE certified device designed and produced in Italy by Dual Trend srl, which is located in Chieri (Turin).

With different models of ozone generators, it is possible to sanitize any environment.

An easy-to-use software allows users to choose between 5 programs, according to specific needs. A timer allows users to read the hours / work of each generator.

DUAL O3 has compact dimensions with a great power that ensures the quick and safe sanitization of environments.

Dual UV-C is the latest generation purifier, designed to allow continuous action.

The air passes inside the machinery, inside which the UV-C type ultraviolet lamps are located, which exert a germicidal and virucidal action. Immediately purified, the air is put back into circulation.

Dual Trend s.r.l. has created a machine that can be used easily by everyone, but above all that can also be used in the presence of people and animals.

It is important to keep in mind that the germicidal effect of ultraviolet rays is obtained between 200 and 280 nanometers, which correspond to UV-C rays.

UV-A and UV-B rays do not fall within the nanometric range that is necessary to obtain the germicidal action.

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