DUAL O3 is a CE certified device designed and produced in Italy by Dual Trend srl, which is located in Chieri (Turin).

With different models of ozone generators, it is possible to sanitize any environment.
An easy-to-use software allows users to choose between 5 programs, according to specific needs.

 A timer allows users to read the hours / work of each generator.

DUAL O3 has compact dimensions with a great power that ensures the quick and safe sanitization of environments.


"The World Health Organization (WHO) defined sanitization with ozone as one of the mosteffective tool which is available against viruses and pathogens that may lead to infections". (Italian Society of General Medicine, April 7, 2020) 

"The Italian Ministry of Health, with protocol No. 24482 of 07/31/1996, recognized the Ozone Sanitization system as a Natural Presidium for the sterilization of environmentscontaminated by BACTERIA, VIRUS, SPORE, PARASITES."

Ozone sanitization eliminates pathogens (such as germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, spores and yeasts) from air and water, by disrupting their molecular structure and by causingthe death of bacteria, or the inactivation of viruses, thus it eliminates any possible effect(infections, proliferation, pathologies, bad smells). 

Ozone is a natural gas composed of three oxygen molecules (O3) which neutralizesbacteria, it oxygenates and regenerates the air we breathe and it disinfects the water we use. 

Several studies demonstrated that the proper concentration of ozone eliminates over 99.00% of bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, pollens and mites, and it inactivates viruses ¹. Ozone is a powerful ally in the fight against allergies, asthma and infections, because it reduces the microbial load present in the air and on surfaces. 

Eliminates bad odors: purifies the air and eliminates the unpleasant smells of smoke,cooking, perspiration, decomposition, mold, urine, paint and animal hair. Ozone does notonly cover them, but it attacks them by neutralizing the particles that cause bad smells and by leaving a pleasant feeling of cleanliness.

1 Studies such as:
Tseng, C, Li, C. (2008) Inactivation of Surface Viruses by Gaseous Ozone. In Journal of Environmental Health V. 70;10

The new frontier 

After the waiting for the appropriate time, which is proportional to the square meters treated,
ozone-treated areas are not flammable, abrasive or explosive. After the finish of the treatment (waiting time included), areas are totally safe for both human and animals.
Ozone does not damage the environment. fabrics, walls, furniture, furnishings, equipment and objects are totally safe. Users just need to cover food in order to avoid any alteration of flavor.
Ozone is effective. Ozone is the most effective disinfectant against allergens and pathogens in the air and water. It is a gas heavier than air and spreads throughout the environment in a capillary manner, it penetrates deep into the tissues and it reaches even the most hidden points.
Ozone is recognized as a disinfectant of air and water. Italian Ministry of Health defines it as a natural garrison for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. (prot. n. 24482 of 31 July 1996), and disinfectant and disinfestant agent in the treatment of air and water (CNSA1, Report of 27 October 2010). The ISS2 (Report Iss COVID-19 - n. 25/2020)" regognized it as a sanitiser which performs the virucidal activity of ozone rapidly through ozonation.

1 CNSA = Italian National Food Safety Committee
2 Istituto Superiore di Sanità = Italian public institution that leads the technical-scientific body of the Italian National Health Service

Ozone is environmentally friendly. Ozone is a natural gas composed of three molecules of oxygen (O3) that are naturally formed in the stratosphere due to the action of UV rays and lightning discharges. Once the treatment is finished, ozone is converted back into oxygen without the releasing of any toxic or chemical residues.